tight ADJECTIVE 1) fixed, closed, or fastened firmly. 2) (of clothes) close-fitting. 3) well sealed against something such as water or air. 4) (of a rope, fabric, or surface) stretched so as to leave no slack. 5) (of an area or space) allowing little room for manoeuvre. 6) (of people or things) closely or densely packed together. 7) (of an organization or group) disciplined and well coordinated. 8) (of a form of control) strictly imposed: security was tight. 9) (of money or time) limited. 10) (of a bend, turn, or angle) changing direction sharply. 11) informal miserly. 12) informal drunk.
ADVERB very firmly, closely, or tensely.
a tight ship — Cf. ↑a tight ship
a tight corner (or spot) — Cf. ↑a tight spot
DERIVATIVES tighten verb tightly adverb tightness noun.
ORIGIN originally in the sense «healthy, vigorous», later «firm, solid»: probably of Germanic origin.

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